Hibachi Tabo

When you want the ultimate in charcoal cooking, our version of the Hibachi is the way to go.  We recommend using Bichotan Charcoal which is fired up in a chimney, the smoke free red hot charcoal is then laid into the ceramic bricks.  Using the adjustable vents at either end to control the heat, you then grill on the ultimate griller.

This hibachi revolves around the 25mm thick ceramic bricks that line the entire grill except for the ends where the adjustable vents are. The ceramic bricks contain the heat and provides an even radiated heat.  We provide a cast iron grill, but this can be removed if you are cooking with sticks.

Timber for the handles, feet and the vent control ensures that handling the grill can be done safely and can be used on a table though we recommend a stainless tray underneath mainly to capture any cooking that may fall.  The external stainless steel surfaces do get very hot so care needs to be taken in handling and cooking with the hibachi.

A timber dust pan and brush is provided to remove the ash the following day.

Now available with a Stainless Steel Grill.

Overall: Length 620mm Width 235mm Height 180mm

Cooking Surface : Length 470mm Width 170mm Weight 16kgs

This Hibachi is designed by Fifteen Degrees by Design and it is made in Australia.

Can be shipped throughout Australia and overseas.  Products – BUY NOW