Hibachi Tabo Commercial

The Hibachi Tabo Commercial takes charcoal grilling in the kitchen to a new level. A cleanable super efficient charcoal grill with a grill platter made from 8mm stainless steel rod that has been glass bead blasted.

Hibachi Tabo Commercial

The grill body is 700mm long and with the stainless steel handles a total of 830mm long. The body is of 2mm 304 stainless steel as are the ends and adjustable vents. The arms are 6mm SS into 25mm square tube SS with SS end caps. The legs are 6mm stainless steel into 25mm square tube but are mounted into, and can be removed from, 10mm square SS that is screwed into the base.

The grill surface area is 720mm by 160mm.

The weight is 27kgs

The 12 bricks are 25mm ceramic bricks that have a very high quality ceramic fabric insulation mounted between the bricks and the stainless steel. This takes what is already a very efficient from a charcoal useage perspective to a super efficient system.


Hibachi Tabo Commercial System

After service there will be a lot of residual heat in the ceramic bricks of the grill. Why waste it. The base of the grill, then has an extension onto which the grill surface is moved to. Internally there is a ceramic platter, insulation platter and a stainless steel platter. This will assist in achieving the optimal smoking temperature of about 135 degrees C. The produce being smoked or roasted or even baked, is placed on the grill surface, then the hood is placed over. There is a temperature gauge to help getting it to the right temperature.