Firepit 900

This large 900mm square firepit with a surrounding timber base will look great in any setting and can also be used on timber and tiled decks.  The base of the inverted pyramid has a plate with drain holes.  The lip encourages a whirling flame that is kept within the confines of the pit.  Made from steel that will provide an even rust finish in a short period of time or stainless steel. The legs are large and clip into the timber frame so that the steel is not sitting on the ground and the Firepit900 always aligns with the timber surround.

Timber Surround
Made from a choice of timbers it is a meter square with a large return.  Surprisingly the timber doesn’t get hot.  The surround has brackets to take the legs of the Firepit900.

Timber Cover/Bench Seat
This timber cover of the same timber as the surround, can be used as a bench or table when the Firepit900 is not in use.  When removed it becomes a Bench Seat.

The stainless steel frame securely slides along and around the edges of the Firepit900 and has timber handles to hold and adjust with.  The riser allows the accompanying grill or hotplate to be raised or lowered depending on the heat profile you are wanting to cook with.  This is enhanced by the ability of the frame to be moved across the Firepit900 providing further adjustment to the heat profile.

We also have a Wok Holder, a Camp Oven Holder and soon to be released an electric rotisserie, a crucafix and a chimney.  Can’t waste that heat!

For purchase enquiries please either ring us on 0418917701.  We normally carry these in stock and are stocked by some chosen resellers.  We are able to ship throughout Australia.

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