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April 1 – Australian Made – Opportunity

For all of the problems that the Corona Virus is causing, with many a tragic story still to come, it will come to an end and what we will be left with is a changed world. 

Australia is one of the most creative nations with inventions like Wifi, medical applications of Penicillin (saved my fathers life when he was in his 20’s), the pacemaker, the black box flight recorder, even google maps and the list goes on. 

What really creates true wealth? We are also an island with such fantastic opportunities to make our produce the cleanest, best quality in the world.  Our agricultural sector should be the envy of the world and exporting the trusted Australian products globally.  Small to medium businesses that create a repeatable product for export or replacing an import, ie through developing intellectual property, is what creates true wealth. 

True wealth is not exporting another cubic meter of ore or coal, which for some reason we have a tendency to give to foreign owned companies to do.  That’s just like selling assets from our balance sheet.  The governments of Australia think that jobs created by mining companies, ASX listed and multinationals should be sort after, when the largest employer group are small to medium companies, the ones that need the most support are ones able to create exports or replace imports, the True Wealth creators. 

In the coming days, look around your community and support your local grower, your local manufacturer.  Recently in Bunnings a customer was wanting to repair his old well known BBQ (that is no longer of that quality).  The assistant replied, its not worth it, its cheaper to just buy a new one and that is a fundamental problem.  Cheap imports rather than quality, generational and repairable ones just end up as land fill in a few years.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to see what we are all going to consider important into the future.

Phillip Jenkins

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Gourmet Escape – Margaret River

If we weren’t exhausted enough from the taste of Auckland, we then head to Perth for the Gourmet Escape down in Margaret River from the 15th, 16th and through to the 17th November.  Really looking forward to introducing our Turbo charged design of the traditional hibachis to the food lovers of Western Australia and to the many chefs from around Australia.


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Taste of Auckland

Woohoo – our first really serious sales effort.  We have been showing weekly at the Noosa Farmers Market which has resulted in pretty good sales.  Because of the people who visit the market we make sales all over Australia and for that matter New Zealand and even France.  So it is with a deep breath that we are braving the Taste of Auckland on the 31st October through to the 3rd of November.  We have great expectations with an estimated 22,000 people coming  through the doors over the four day period.


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Introducing the new Stainless Steel Grill

We have, since the first Hibachi Tabo built, used enamelled cast iron grills.  These have been imported and have been problematic in the consistency of their quality.  We have had to design ways to fit the handles.  When ordering our third batch of grills we were told they weren’t importing them any more.  Great! So we found another grill.  Its hard finding a cast iron grill of these dimensions and there was a lead time.  The benefit of enamelled cast iron is that it’s black.  Its pretty easy to clean and even if you don’t clean it very well, its still looks pretty good.  It does tend to get a bit rusty if you don’t oil it but they are serviceable.

So …. Next generation.  We designed up a totally stainless steel grill and it looks great.  Simple in its design, relatively simple in its manufacture though it does require a skilled welder and a new template.  The end bars are laser cut so that the stainless rod which is 8mm in diameter, sits in the cross bar.  Bottom line is that we have exactly what we want and we are in total control of the quality.  Very happy about this advance in quality.  Stainless is a bit harder to clean but with stainless steel wool while its still warm, it cleans pretty quickly.


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February 2019

January saw a lot of travelling to and from Perth as there were a lot of shipments to get out.  This didn’t stop us from getting to the Noosa Farmers Market and when I had to get back to Perth, James took over.  He is a passionate cook and loves charcoal cooking and has so many ideas.  Despite the travelling it also didn’t stop us from firing up the Hibachi.  We cooked for about 20 people over about 3 hours in Perth on Australia Day which was a fun evening.  Last Friday in Sydney, despite a thunderstorm brewing, we fired it up with some different Binchotan Charcoal to see what the temperature profile was like.   We cooked a marinated butterflied leg of lamb.  We found that there were two different thicknesses of meat, so we separated them, which conveniently meant they fitted nicely on the grill, and used the oven extension and the oven lid.  It took about three turns aside over thirty minutes and then let it rest in foil for about 20 minutes.  While it was rested we grilled a range of vegetables which worked a treat.   We carved a very moist and flavoursome piece of meat.  


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Starting the new year – Jan 2019

We started selling the Hibachi in July and have to say we have been really excited by its acceptance. They are heading all over Australia, with some going to New Zealand and even our first off to Antebe in France. Each manufacturing run we have done have provided us with a chance to refine the process ever so slightly. We are predominantly manufactured in Noosa but have moved to a new Lasercutter that has taken us to a new level. A month ago we introduced the Oven Smoker Steamer attachment which taken the Hibachi Tabo to a new level of versatility. I am still to spend much time working up recipes but with the number sold already, we are looking forward to the feedback and recipes. Our big challenge in the next few months is the development of a new grill surface. We will also introduce a hotplate option to increase the versatility further. For the smoking attachment we are providing a few choices of ceramic and stainless platters. We are looking forward to the feedback from our community.
Wishing everyone all the very best in the new year and I look forward to helping anyone with any enquiries.