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Introducing the new Stainless Steel Grill

We have, since the first Hibachi Tabo built, used enamelled cast iron grills.  These have been imported and have been problematic in the consistency of their quality.  We have had to design ways to fit the handles.  When ordering our third batch of grills we were told they weren’t importing them any more.  Great! So we found another grill.  Its hard finding a cast iron grill of these dimensions and there was a lead time.  The benefit of enamelled cast iron is that it’s black.  Its pretty easy to clean and even if you don’t clean it very well, its still looks pretty good.  It does tend to get a bit rusty if you don’t oil it but they are serviceable.

So …. Next generation.  We designed up a totally stainless steel grill and it looks great.  Simple in its design, relatively simple in its manufacture though it does require a skilled welder and a new template.  The end bars are laser cut so that the stainless rod which is 8mm in diameter, sits in the cross bar.  Bottom line is that we have exactly what we want and we are in total control of the quality.  Very happy about this advance in quality.  Stainless is a bit harder to clean but with stainless steel wool while its still warm, it cleans pretty quickly.