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February 2019

January saw a lot of travelling to and from Perth as there were a lot of shipments to get out.  This didn’t stop us from getting to the Noosa Farmers Market and when I had to get back to Perth, James took over.  He is a passionate cook and loves charcoal cooking and has so many ideas.  Despite the travelling it also didn’t stop us from firing up the Hibachi.  We cooked for about 20 people over about 3 hours in Perth on Australia Day which was a fun evening.  Last Friday in Sydney, despite a thunderstorm brewing, we fired it up with some different Binchotan Charcoal to see what the temperature profile was like.   We cooked a marinated butterflied leg of lamb.  We found that there were two different thicknesses of meat, so we separated them, which conveniently meant they fitted nicely on the grill, and used the oven extension and the oven lid.  It took about three turns aside over thirty minutes and then let it rest in foil for about 20 minutes.  While it was rested we grilled a range of vegetables which worked a treat.   We carved a very moist and flavoursome piece of meat.