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Starting the new year – Jan 2019

We started selling the Hibachi in July and have to say we have been really excited by its acceptance. They are heading all over Australia, with some going to New Zealand and even our first off to Antebe in France. Each manufacturing run we have done have provided us with a chance to refine the process ever so slightly. We are predominantly manufactured in Noosa but have moved to a new Lasercutter that has taken us to a new level. A month ago we introduced the Oven Smoker Steamer attachment which taken the Hibachi Tabo to a new level of versatility. I am still to spend much time working up recipes but with the number sold already, we are looking forward to the feedback and recipes. Our big challenge in the next few months is the development of a new grill surface. We will also introduce a hotplate option to increase the versatility further. For the smoking attachment we are providing a few choices of ceramic and stainless platters. We are looking forward to the feedback from our community.
Wishing everyone all the very best in the new year and I look forward to helping anyone with any enquiries.