Hibachi Tabo


When you want the wondrous flavours available from cooking on a charcoal grill, the Hibachi Tabo is the ultimate cooking experience.  We have been influenced by the classic ceramic brick style Hibachi from Japan and turbo charged it so that it is now a piece that is not only more practical but can be handed down to future generations.  Something that is going to last.   We have encased it in easy to clean Stainless Steel, lined it with 25mm ceramic bricks, and fitted it with a choice of Australian hardwood timbers.  The timber handles allows it to be handled during the cooking process without the need for gloves.  The timber feet allows it to be placed on a timber table or bench.   Then if this unique grill wasn’t enough, to make the Hibachi Tabo more versatile, we have added an oven, smoker, steamer attachment.

The joy of cooking on the Hibachi is the unique flavours you get cooking over a high quality charcoal which has no smoke or odour when burning.  There are many types of charcoal varying dramatically in price but the most important aspect is that it needs to be free of smoke.  We recommend Binchotan Charcoal.  This charcoal generates  a pure form of heat that allows the natural sugars, the natural flavours of the produce to be revealed. 

Grilling vegetables brings out the real flavours